Monika + Patrick {Bok Tower Gardens Engagement Session}

Monika and Patrick showed up with macaroons for me and sweets for my little ones on the day of their engagement session.   They knew we had just returned from shooting in Paris and wanted me to have a sweet reminder, and to thank me for the time we were about to have.  That thoughtful and sweet gesture should tell you everything you need to know about them.  And the photos below will tell you of their love for each other.

See below for Fun.  Adventure.  Hand Fishing for Koi.  And Kissing in the Rain.

Cheers and lots of love,


Alina & David {MARRIED} Ybor City Museum


David just wanted to make sure that all of his friends and family had fun. He actually said that he didn’t want it to be a “bummer”.

No worries, David, it was not even close.

All of the sentimental details, all of the vibrant colors and handmade paper flowers, the good drinks and food and a sweets table to die for. How could you go wrong?

Most importantly, they had Love. And Fun.

That’s what we love in our couples and that’s what we look for when we read all of the stories that couples share with us. Because anyone can shoot details and tablescapes. But to be a part of an amazing experience, one that is different every single time we shoot and to be around people that are real and in love and happy and having fun and get what we do, that is sweet and pure joy right there.

Bravo to these guys for sure!

Anh & Scott are getting Married! {Ringling Museum, Ca’ d’ Zan Mansion, Engagement Session}

We are SO excited for the wedding of Anh & Scott tomorrow at The Vault venue in Tampa! This engagement session shows that it’s never too late to get in that engagement session with us before the big day! We just had this gorgeous session with them on Monday:)The memories of working together will be fresh in our minds and the excitement fresh in our hearts!

The Ringling Museum is one of our favorite Florida locations! Be sure to see it for yourself in person, it’s just magical!!


Erin & Liz


Announcing our Workshop for Photographers! May 30th!

We are going to open our hearts and our doors, and welcome like-minded artists to our studio for a Photography workshop. We will share and inspire with purposeful direction. It’s time to transform into the photographer you are meant to be.

Let go of the status quo, awaken your creative voice, learn how to connect with couples, discover the couples that fit you, build your business with purpose, impact the lives of those you photograph, and bring meaning to your work that will out live us. It’s time. Join us.

Please contact us at for more information and to book your spot.  We are keeping this group small and intimate to give you the best experience and personalized attention.

Full payment with Paypal required to book.

Includes: A life and business changing experience, location for the group at our studio in Tampa, all meals and drinks, and some photog swag at the end.

  • Come hang with us, meet like-minded artists, be inspired, be renewed, be transformed.
  • We go over our start-up history, and how we have grown to where we are today. Learn how and why we do what we do.
  • Discover your creative voice, listen to that voice, it’s there.
  • Learn how to get published, and the importance of that.
  • Learn how to attract and book the couples you want. Couples that are invested emotionally in their photography, and are a good fit for you.
  • Experience how we interact with our couples and see our workflow process.
  • We will have a photoshoot with a real couple in the afternoon and come back for a group dinner and review of our post processing workflow.
  • Go out and be awesome!  We’re also here for you, and you’ll be joining a group of artists to share your journey with, and make lasting friendships with.  And friendship is certainly something this community needs more of!:)

Cheers and Lots of love,

Erin & Liz


Oxford Exchange Wedding, Whitney and Matt are Married! {Erin and Liz of Papered Heart}

This wedding is the ULTIMATE!!!

It’s full of celebration, laughter, love, tender moments, and LOTS of good times!

Our favorite parts of this wedding?  Has to be the incredible First Look shared by Whitney and Matt, when they both did the “Dougie” during their cake cutting, and the GLOW TAMBOURINES, yes you heard right.  GLOW TAMBOURINES..  Oh and all the sparkly fashion and the most outrageous wedding party entrances, EVER.   Enjoy!!

Cheers and Lots of Love,

Erin and Liz