Davis Island and Oxford Exchange Wedding, Whitney and Matt are Married! {Erin and Liz of Papered Heart}

This wedding is the ULTIMATE!!!  Be prepared for our longest wedding post to date, ha:)

It’s full of celebration, laughter, love, tender moments, and LOTS of good times!

Our favorite parts of this wedding?  Has to be the incredible First Look shared by Whitney and Matt, when they both did the “Dougie” during their cake cutting, and the GLOW TAMBOURINES, yes you heard right.  GLOW TAMBOURINES..  Oh and all the sparkly fashion and the most outrageous wedding party entrances, EVER.   Enjoy!!

Cheers and Lots of Love,

Erin and Liz

Words from the sweet bride:

·         Why we did the ceremony in Matt’s back yard:

o   Matt’s parent’s home always had a very special meaning to us. It was where we first started to get to know each other, over winter break of our senior year of college – when Matt invited me over to his parent’s house to lounge by the pool or go for a boat ride literally every single day for 3 weeks. It was a clever swooning tactic considering how breathtaking his backyard is – the house is on the water overlooking Bayshore Blvd and Downtown Tampa, and the sunsets from his dock are absolutely magical.  We’ve also hosted many special parties together there as couple, and some of our absolute favorite moments and memories of our life together have taken place at his parent’s house, including his proposal. So naturally, it was the perfect place to get married, and with the help of my mom’s amazing friends – we transformed his backyard into a fairytale, with twinkling lights draped romantically underneath the cabana and sprinkled throughout the vibrant bougainvillea.  It was beyond my wildest dreams.

·         Favorite parts of the day / night

o   My First Look with Matt will forever be the most incredible moment of my life. It was the most invigorating and incredible feeling, and I will never ever forget it. I owe everything to Erin & Liz for making it happen and capturing those moments so beautifully

o   The wedding ceremony was extra special for me, since my mom was the one marrying us!

o   Exchanging our vows – we wrote our own vows together, which was a beautiful experience in and of itself, but to hear him say his vows out loud with such conviction, commitment, and love – it absolutely blew me away and took everything in me to hold back the tears.

o   The wedding party entrances –  Naturally, Matt and I had to add some non-traditional spunk to our wedding, and the wedding party entrances were the perfect opportunity to do it. We told our bridesmaids and groomsmen that each pair had to come up with a choreographed dance of their choice, and that costumes of any form were strongly encouraged. When it came time for the wedding party to perform, I have never smiled so big or laughed so hard in my entire life! We had everything from Macklemore’s Thirft Shop to PSY’s Gangnam Style, and the crowd went absolutely wild! It was epic. Matt and I choreographed our own entrance dance as well, to Party Rock by LMFAO, of course. It was quite the bonding experience as we had several intense practice sessions leading up to the wedding. And we had the most amazing time being able showcase our goofy personalities and our love for costumes and dance parties.

·         Advice on the planning process

o   Soak in the little moments – don’t let the inevitable chaos and mayhem of the wedding day consume you. Focus on the details that matter to you, and delegate the rest so you can have fun and enjoy what matters!

o   Do not forget your passport for your honeymoon!!! Yes, true story. Matt and I completely forgot to pack our passports and realized the day of the wedding that they were sitting in our apartment in NYC. Luckily, you can literally buy anything for a certain price in NYC – so we were able to avoid the disaster by paying a hefty fee, but it was definitely a painful 30 minutes of panicked problem solving – although it did prove that my husband is indeed an exceptional thinker under pressure. But nonetheless, do not overlook those critical details – especially since the honeymoon is the best part!

o   Find the right photographer – at least for me and Matt, the photographer was the most important part. We spent weeks searching through wedding wire, and I am convinced it was fate that helped me find Liz & Erin at Papered Heart. They are truly exceptional in every way –  their creativity and attention to detail is astounding, and their personal touch and genuine passion for their clients is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. We are blown away by their work and so grateful for all the special moments they helped create and capture for a lifetime of memories.

Thanks to all the fabulous vendors that made their day so amazing! They are:


Geometric Hearts Inspired Wedding {Erin & Liz of Papered Heart}

We were so happy to collaborate with some of our favorite creatives to bring together this fabulous shoot.  While in the process of re-branding, we wanted to find elements that shouts this is US!, with modern geometrics while keeping with our boho and eclectic aesthetic.  These rad geometric hearts, created by artist Andrea Everman, were the perfect find for us!  We combined them with hearts created by the super talented and dear friend, Renee Rodgers, from Renee Nicole Design, for a fun, eclectic mix.  This heart is now sitting pretty up top as our new logo.  Fresh and fun, and a little funky, that’s us.

We are thrilled that our friend Jen at Green Wedding Shoes wanted to grab up this pretty shoot and publish it for her viewers.  You can see the feature here:  http://greenweddingshoes.com/romantic-geometric-wedding-inspiration. Thanks Jen!!

Also, check out the rad rad rad video from Samm and Alex of Imprint Cinema, their work is always swoon worthy.  We love working side by side with them, it’s always a good time, laughing and creating.

Please check out all of the incredible people that helped us make this shoot possible. Here is a nice list of them!

Concept, Design and Planning: Papered Heart

Video: Imprint Cinema

Florals and Furniture: FH Weddings

Custom Sequin Linen: Kate Ryan Linens

Cake and Sweets: Chefs Marie and Carlos with Hands on Sweets

Invitations, Paper goods, and Model: Renee Nicole Design 

Hair and Makeup Artist: Michele Renee of Michele Renee Studios

Badgley Mischka Gown: from Malindy Elene Couture Bridal 

Geometric Heart Artist and Designer: Andrea from HouseyHome 

Mid-Century Carver Glassware and Settings: Personal Collection

Silverware: West Elm 

Photographer’s Hoodies Supplied by: Whatchu’ Got in Yo’ truck, Alex...it’s SOOOOO ***ing COLD.  Who says we don’t get winter in the South, it was 40 degrees with 30 mile an hour wind gusts…

Thank you heaps and bounds from our hearts to everyone that we worked with!! You know how amazing you are and we LOVES you for it.

Cheers and Lots of love,

Erin and Liz  (Ya know, those quirky girls of Papered Heart)

Sarah & Marshall ~ Married!! {Powell Crosley Estate Wedding}

These two represent such an emotional love. The kind that pulls at you every second until you see each other again. They were anticipating their First Look so much and couldn’t wait to lay eyes on each other!

Their passion is not only for each other but for Christ and the role that their faith plays in their lives, especially as they join together.  It strengthens them and brings out the goodness in each other.  All the more reason to have a worship service during their ceremony!  Such a moving moment for everyone there, even us as their photographers.  It also proves a very good point that we say time and time again:  God loves you and shines on your love whether you get married in a church setting, or even better, under his open skies.

We felt like family with them this day and worshiped with them and celebrated them.

Congrats Sarah and Marshall!  We hold you so dear to our hearts.

Cheers and lots of love,

Erin and Liz

Salvador Dali Museum Wedding {Erin of Papered Heart}

If you didn’t know that the Salvador Dali Museum is available as a modern, new and hip venue for weddings, you must check it out!

I couldn’t get enough of photographing the geodesic goodness of its large glass entryway and skylight.  The helical staircase was designed around Dali’s obsession with spirals and double helical shapes…and admittedly, I am now equally obsessed.

The style and beauty of the museum and the garden lend itself to be one of my favorite wedding locations in our area.   I was absolutely thrilled to be contacted by Lindsay and Luke to photograph their wedding at the Dali.  The museum’s “Wishing Tree” was the perfect location for their First Look and their Golden Retriever, Brewer, stole my heart!

Cheers and Lots of love,


Legend-wait for it-dairy Session with these two madly-in-love engaged people {Erin & Liz of Papered Heart}

Here’s a breakdown of how our engagement sessions go down:

  • Hang out on a porch of some sort, drink beer.  If you have craft beer, cool.  Beer in cans work too, we aren’t toooo picky
  • We also like wine.  We can be sophisticated as well, we promise
  • Jokes made, laughs had, stories shared, bonding happens, relationships formed
  • We explore and play, chasing light with ferocious ADD like behavior
  • Goodness is captured
  • Memories are made
  • You fall deeper in love with your fiance than you thought imaginable
  • You get photos like this to keep forever
  • Forever happens, you are happy, we are happy

This next message is for Jen and Charlie…. who are in these bad-ass images:

Thanks for sharing your property, your laughter, your spirits with us (the alcohol kind and the spritual, haha).  Ok, so seriously, we couldn’t pick a better couple to avoid a gator named Wally with, chase light with, climb through overgrown passages with, and watch a lakeside sunset with.  The whole thing was really cool, and well, this just means we’ll have even more fun to look forward to at your wedding next month! WHOOT!  Can’t wait.:)  XO you two, XO.

Cheers and Lots of love,

Erin and Liz